Switchfoot - Vice Cerses chords

A Walking alone the high tide line
DWatching the pacific from the sidelines
G#Wonder what it means to live together
DLooking for more than just guidelines
ALooking for signs in the night sky
Dwishing that I wasn't such a nice guy
G#wonder what it means to live together
D Awonder what it means to die
A I know that there's a meaning to it all
DA little resurrection every time I fall
D G#You got your babies, I got my hearses
DEvery blessing comes with a set of curses
A D A DI got my vices, I got my vice verses
D A DThese are my vice verses
AThe wind could be my new depression
DThe wind could be my newest expression
G#The wind goes anywhere it wants to
DWishing that I learned my lesson
AThe ocean sounds like a garage band
DComing at me like a drunk man
G#The ocean tells me a thousand stories
DNone of them are lies
D A G#Let the pacific laugh
D A G# Be on my epitaph
D AWith its rising and falling
D G#And after all, its just water
DAnd I am just soul
G# DWith a body of water and bones
D AWater and bones
AWhere is God in the night sky?
DWhere is God in the city light?
G#Where is God in the earthquake?
DWhere is God in the genocide?
AWhere are You in the broken heart?
DEverything seems to fall apart
G#Everything feels rusted over
DTell me that You're there
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