Switchfoot - Always Something chords

Hello Hurricane -- 2009

These are chords for Switchfoot's new song "Always" from their
upcoming album/release Hello Hurricane -- due out in November '09.

Tuning - Standard (E A D G B E)
*Chords are listed at end of song


Verse 1
Cthis is the start
Fthis is your heart
Am Gsus4 F this is the day you were born
Cthis is the sun
Fthese are your lungs
Am Gsus4 Fthis is the day you were born
Am FAnd I am al--ways
C FAl--ways
Am F CAl--ways yours 

Verse 2
CThese are the scars
FDeep in your heart
Am Gsus4 F This is the place you were born
Am C This is the hole
F C Where most of your soul
G/B AmComes ripping out
Gsus4 F From the places you've been torn 

Chorus - 2x Interlude 2 Am F C G/B [3x] Am F C
Slide Guitar e|-----------------------------------------------|B|--1/8--10\5--1/8--10\5--1/8--13\10--1/8--10\5--|G|-----------------------------------------------|D|-----------------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------|
CI'm caving in
C G/BI'm in love again
F C G/BI'm a wretched man
F C Every breath is a second chance
Chorus - 2x
*Chords Used C F Am Gsus4 G/B e|--------------3-----3--|B|--1--1--1-----1-----1--|G|--0--2--2-----0-----0--|D|--2--3--2-----0-----0--|A|--3--3--0-----2-----2--|E|--------------3--------|
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