Switchfoot – Against The Voices chords

"Against The Voices" by Switchfoot
An unreleased song. It has only been played live.

This is the video I used: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-n2rSg-O28

Tune to standard or Drop-D

F#m A E A2 D Intro: F#m A E x2
F#m A EStart the day against the voices
F#m A DThe ones that tell me that I'm wrong
Bm F#m A2 I hear them now screaming their delusions
Bm F#m DI close my eyes and they're gone
A2 EIf they ain't singing, if they're just talking
F#m DLet them keep talking to themselves
A2Cause everybody knows
EThat the hardest war to fight
F#mIs a fight to be yourself in a world
DThat wants to turn you into someone else
I will add the "la la la.." part when I figure it out.
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