Switchfoot – Let That Be Enough chords

E Esus/AWish I had all I needed
E/C# B AsusTo be on my own
E Esus/ACause I feel so defeated
E/C# B AsusAnd I'm feeling alone
E Esus/AAnd it all seems so helpless
E/C# B AsusAnd I have no plans
E Esus/AI'm a plane in the sunset
E/C# B AsusWith no where to land
F# A E AAnd all I see it could never make me happy
F# A E AAnd all my sandcastles spend their time collapsing
B ALet me know that you hear me
B ALet me know your touch
B ALet me know that you love me
B E Esus/A, E/C# ,B ,ALet that be enough
E Esus/AIt's my birthday tomorrow
E/C# B AsusNo one here could know
E Esus/AI was born this thursday
E/C% B AsusTwenty-two years ago
F# A E AAnd I feel stuck watching history repeated
F# A E AOh who am I just a kid who know he's needy?
CHORUS: X 2 ------- END! This tab is very accurate especially for the piano. I played the other tab on the piano it was quite off. This I have played myself and sounds very good. The song is meant guitar but this is a super great chord structure for the piano, and maybe even the Thank you enjoy!
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