Switchfoot - Against The Voices chords version 2

Against The Voices - Switchfoot

This is an awesome song!  I'm pretty sure this is 100% correct.  If you spot a 
mistake, please message me and let me know!

Chords you'll need:
F# A E Bm Am D C#m D* Bm* A* A/C# Dmaj7|0| |0| |0| |2| |0| |2| |4| |x| |x | |x | |x | |14|
|0| |0| |0| |3| |0| |3| |5| |x| |15| |x | |13| |14| |2| |6| |1| |4| |2| |2| |6| |7| |16| |14| |13| |14| |4| |7| |2| |4| |2| |0| |6| |7| |16| |14| |15| |x | |4| |7| |2| |2| |0| |0| |4| |5| |14| |0 | |x | |x | |0| |0| |0| |2| |0| |0| |4| |x| |x | |x | |x | |x | Intro: F# A E x2 Verse:
F# A E Start the day against the voices
F# A D The ones that tell me that I'm wrong
Bm F# E I hear them now, screaming their delusions
Bm F# D I close my eyes, and they're gone
Am If they ain't singing,
E If they're just talking,
F# Let them keep talking to themselves
D 'Cause everybody knows,
Am The hardest war to fight
E Is a fight to be yourself
F# In a world that tries to
D (Strum only once in 1st chorus, continue to strum in others) Turn you into someone else Interlude: F# A E x2 Verse: Same chords Start the road against the voices, I pick a path out in the woods, I made mistakes, I got the scars to prove them I'd change the past if i could. Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge: This part's tricky. The first couple chords, you strike twice and mute, then go to the next one. It would really help to watch a video while learning this part.
F# C#m (D* A/C# Bm* A*) whole thing x3Chords in parentheses are only struck twice before moving on.
F# C#m D* Dmaj7 D Pre-Chorus, end D play with high e string to change sound like Jon does every two strokes Chorus til end There you go! That's how i play it, and it sounds right to me.
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