Switchfoot – Red Eyes chords ver. 2

                                  RED EYES                       SWITCHFOOT

Tabbed by:HurricaneHerman

Here's the mandolin tab for Switchfoot's song Red Eyes, from the album
Hello Hurricane. 


The mandolin doesn't actually come in until the chorus, so I'll fill the gaps
with the chords.

D D/C# X4


D D/C# D D/C# What are you waiting for the day is gone
D D/C# D D/C# I said I'm waiting for dawn
D D/C# D D/C# What are you aiming for out here alone
Bm A G I said I'm aiming for home
Em G Holding on holding on
~CHORUS~ This is where the mandolin comes in.
E|--2-222223333333|--7-777775555555|A|--0-000002222222|--5-555554444444|D|--0-00000-------|--4-444442222222|X2G|--2-22222-------|--4-444442222222|with red eyes what are you looking for...
Repeat the ~VERSE~ ~CHORUS~ The only thing different about this chorus, is that you repeat it four times, instead of two. ~BRIDGE~
Bm F#m G Em Every now and then I see you dreaming
Bm F#m G Every now and then I see you cry
D D/C# G Em Every now and then I see you reaching
F#m G Reaching for the other side
G A What are you waiting for X4
~CHORUS~ Repeat the chorus riff four times again ~OUTRO~ D D/C# I hope you enjoy this tab as much as I enjoyed tabbing it for you. And if you do enjoy this tab, you can look up my other mandolin tab for the album Hello Hurricane. ============================================================================= END
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