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The Original - Switchfoot
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I did not tab out the actual solo part since i have not figured it out 
once i get it then i will post it 
i only have the part Guitar 2 strums and the note both guitars end on

I also just posted the chords. I didnt post the strum pattern

IntroGuitar 1 & 2E|--------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------------------------|D|---10--------------10--------------10----------------x-8-8/10-|A|------/11-11-9-7-7----/11-11-9-7------/11-11-9-7-7-7-x-8-8/10-|E|-8-------------------------------8-------------------x-6-6/8--|
Guitar 1&2E|----------|B|----------|G|------8---|D|-10-6-8-8-|A|-10-6-6-8-|E|-8--4---6-|
Pre ChorusGuitar 1&2E|--------|B|--------|G|--------|D|-10\6-3-|A|-10\6-3-|E|-8-\4-1-|
ChorusGuitar 1&2E|--------| |---|B|--------| |---|G|--------| |---|D|-10-8-3-| |-6-|A|-10-8-3-| |-6-|E|-8--6-1-| |-4-|
Verse 2Guitar 1E|--------|B|--------|G|--------|D|-8-8/10-|A|-8-8/10-|E|-6-6/8--|
Guitar 2E|-x-|B|-x-|G|-5-|D|-x-|A|-x-|E|-x-|
BridgeGuitar 2 Guitar 1&2E|-x-| |----|B|-8-| |-13-|G|-8-| I am sorry for not |----|D|-8-| Tabbing the solo |----|A|-x-| since i have not |----|E|-x-| figured it out yet |----|
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