Switchfoot – Where I Belong chords

This is my first tab ever and I know its not very good but hopefully someone can use it 
as a starting point to build off of.

Standard Tuning

Chords used A Em7 Asuse|-------0----------0----------0---------------------------------------------|B|-------2----------3----------3---------------------------------------------|G|-------2----------0----------2---------------------------------------------|D|-------2----------2----------0---------------------------------------------|A|-------0----------2----------0---------------------------------------------|E|-------0----------0----------0---------------------------------------------|
AFeeling like a refugee
Em7Like it don't belong to me
AsusThe colors flash across the sky
AThis air feels strange to me
Em7Feeling like a tragedy
AsusTake a deep breath and close my eyes
AsusOne last time
Storms on the wasteland Ark clouds on the plain again We were born into this fight But I'm not sentimental This skin and bones in a rental And no one makes it out alive Until I die I'll sing these songs On the shores of Babylon Still looking for a home In a world where I belong Where the weak are finally strong Where the righteous right the wrongs Still looking for a home In a world where I belong Feels like we're just waiting, waiting While are hearts are just breaking, breaking Feels like we're fighting against the tide I wanna see the earth shaking I wanna see a generation Finally waking up inside Until I die I'll sing these songs Still looking for a home In a world where I belong This body's not my own This world is not my own But I can hear the sound Of my heart beating out So let's go boys, play it loud On the final day I die I want to hold my head up high I want to tell You that I tried To live it like a song And when I reach the other side I want to look You in the eye And know that I've arrived In a world where I belong Where I belong I still believe we can live forever You and I we begin forever now Forever now Forever I still believe in s together You and I we're here together now Together now Together now Forever now Forever now Forever
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