Switchfoot – Restless chords ver. 3

Song: Restless
Artist: Switchfoot
Album: Vice Verses
You can play Bsus4 and Bsus2 as B4 and B2 respectively.

Intro: B Bsus4 B Bsus4 (x2)

Verse 1:
B I am the sea on a moonless night
Bsus4Calling falling, slipping tides
BI am the leaky, dripping pipes
Bsus2The endless, aching drops of light
BI am the raindrop falling down
Bsus4Always longing for the deeper ground
BI am the broken, breaking seas
Bsus2Even my blood finds ways to bleed
Prechorus 1:
G#mEven the rivers ways to run
E/G#Even the rain to reach the sun
G#mEven my thirsty streams
E/G#Even in my dreams
B I am restless
E/BI am restless
BI am restless
ELooking for you
BI am restless
E/B G#m (F#) (only in final chorus)I run like the ocean to find your shore
ELooking for you
Verse 2:
BI am the thorn stuck in your side
Bsus4I am the one that you left behind
BI am the dried-up doubting eyes
Bsus2Looking for the well that won't run dry
BRunning hard for the other side
Bsus4The world that I've always been denied
BRunning hard for the infinite
Bsus2With the tears of saints and hypocrites
Prechorus 2:
G#m (G#m/A# G#m/B)Oh, blood of black and white and grey
EOh, death in life and night in day
G#m (G#m/A# G#m/B)One by one by one
EWe let our rivers run
Chorus Bridge:
BI can hear you breathing
EI can feel you leading
BMore than just a feeling
EMore than just a feeling
BI can feel you reaching
EPushing through the ceiling
BíTil the final healing
EI'm looking for you
Prechorus 3:
G#m G#m2Until the sea of glass we meet
EAt last completed and complete
G#mWhere tide and tear and pain subside
EAnd laughter drinks them dry
BI'll be waiting
BAll that I aim for
F#What I was made for
G#mWith every heartbeat
EAll of my blood bleeds
BRunning inside me
ELooking for you
BLooking for you
Bsus4Looking for you
BLooking for you
Bsus2Looking for you
B (lead into interlude)Looking for you
Interlude: B E (x3) B Bsus4 Bridge Outro:
B E B EIím looking for you
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