Switchfoot - Ode To Chin tab

This version is much, much more accurate than the other one.
Ode To Chin-Legend Of Chin

Ode To ChinA7- 5756XX OR X0202X G#5- 466XX A5-577XXX OR X022XX A/F#-2x2200G#- 4665XX B5- 799XXX OR X244XX Em/F#-2x2200C#5- X466XX E5-X799XX Eb5-X688XX C5-81010XXX OR X355XX
Introe-----------------b-----------------g-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2D-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2A-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1E-----------------Verse 1:
A7 G# What's your direction? C#5 G#5 Tell me what's wrong, tell me what's right A7 G# What's your direction? C#5 G#5 Think about somebody else for the night A7 G# Life's more than girls C#5 God's more than words G#5 You're more than this A7 G# So what's your direction? G# B5 And where are you now? Chorus: E5 A5 B5 A5 B5 slide E5 Grow, grow where you are, anchor your roots underneath. A/F# A5 E5 Eb5 E5 Doubt your doubts and believe your beliefs. Riff 1
Verse 2: What's your direction? What matters most? What should you know? What's your direction All that you've been Makes who you are now 'Cause I've been ashamed I've been a fool You know I've backed down When I lose direction I pray to be found Chorus again Riff
Breakdown(Kinda drum solo)E---------B---------G---------D---------A---------E-----12/0
Guitar solo that moves really fast E5 A5 E5 A5 E5 A5 C5 B5 Chorus
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