Switchfoot - Daylight To Break tab

Daylight To Break
drop d

Guitar One- acoustic---  Guitar Two- Electric with medium gain

Intro- Guitar 1 acoustic

E----------------------------|B----------------------------|G----2-----------------------|D--4---4-4-------------------| 4xA--2---2-2-0-0-7-7-5-5-5-7---|D----------0-0-5-5-5-5-5-7---|
Verse 1 (the timing, how many times each note is played, and the accenting are impossible to tab.Yre going to have to figure it out yourself)
E------------------------------|B------------------------------|G--4----------------4----------| play intro onceD--4-------0-0------4----------|A--2--7-7--0-0-7-7--2--7-7-6-6-|D-----5-5--0-0-5-5-----5-5-----|
repeat verse and intro chorus guitar one(acoustic) and guitar two (electric with gain) again, figure out the timing yourself
play intro 2x with acoustic and electric guitars play verse 1 again with acoustic guitar play chorus again except the last note is this
E-- E--B-- B--G--6 instead of G--7-|D--7 D--8-|A--7 A--8-|D--7 D--8-|
Bridge guitar 1
E--------------------------|B--3-----------------------|G--2--7--6--7--4--6--4--7--|D--0--7--7--9--5--7--5--8--| play 2xA--0--5--7--9--5--7--5--8--|D--0--5--7--9--5--7--5--8--|
play intro 2x play chorus again with the change noted earlier at the end. play bridge 2x play inro with guitar one and two 2x Enjoy and please rate!
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