Switchfoot - Monday Comes Around tab version 1

     Album:The Beautiful Letdown
     Tabbed by:Joshua Leon
      This song was cut off the Beautiful Letdown CD.It's featured on a DVD
    that is like a pre-Switchfootage.I found the song on Ares and couldn't        
    find the tab so here it is.

Intro Finally Monday comes around! Gtr1 e|---------------------------| B|---------------------------| G|-6h8~-6-896-6-4664---------| D|---------------------------| A|---------------------------| E|---------------------------| Gtr2 does the 6-896-6-4664-| in mute a few times.
Chorus 1 Gtr1 e|------------------| B|------------------| G|-6h8~~~-----------| D|------------------| A|------------------| E|------------------|
Gtr2 (These are the stings to mute) e|------------------| B|------xxxxxxxxxxx-|
G|-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-| D|-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-| A|-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-| E|-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-| She's a girl/With the weight of the world/On her big brown eyes And she's a girl/Who's been talking to herself to apoligize Pre-Chorus Gtr2 e|-------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------------------|
G|-6x66x44x446x6x66x44x446x6x66x44x446x22222222x55555555-| D|-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-| A|-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-| E|-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-| She'd never do it again she promised/But then she hasn't been all that honest/Could she trust herself to be herself/Or was she talking to herslf again Gtr1&2(r=10) e|-------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------------| G|-------------------------------------------------| D|-rrrrrr-555555-3333-3333-rrrrrr-555555-3333-3333-| A|-rrrrrr-555555-3333-3333-rrrrrr-555555-3333-3333-| E|-888888-333333-1111-1111-888888-333333-1111-1111-|
Hey now Friday whatchya gonna do now when Monday comes around Hey now Friday whatchya gonna do now when Monday comes arouuuuuund Post-Chorus Acoustic Riff e|----------000000000----------00000000-| B|-44444444-222222222-44444444-22222222-| G|-44444444-222222222-44444444-22222222-| D|-22222222-000000000-22222222-00000000-| A|----------000000000----------00000000-| E|--------------------------------------|
When Monday comes around/Comes Arouuuuuund/When Monday Comes Around (Piano plays intro and second chorus)Find the words for this part. Pre-Chorus All these questions are leaving her shaking/Could you be two girls in one/Could you open this much without breaking to know that you know that you know that you can never have it both ways Chorus Acoustic Riff Solo e|-------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------------| G|----------------------------------2-22-2-22-4-44-| D|----------------------------------2-22-2-22-4-44-| A|-8/01234----01234------01234------0-00-0-00-2-22-| E|--------0-03------0-03-------0-03----------------| Don't take it easy/Don't take easy!/You see every ones givin and taken!Givin and taken!Every things taken around! Yah Yah Ends with Acoustic Riff
Any questions then PM me.That's it.God bless. -Josh
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