Switchfoot - Sombodys Baby tab

     Album:Winter EP
     Tabbed by:Joshua Leon
   This is an awsome and yet somewhat sad.It is on You Tube and it will be released on
EP Winter that is coming out January 14th,2008.

Intro e|--------------------------------| B|--00---00-00---00-00---00-00----| G|--00---00-00---00-00---00-00----| D|----0h2-----0h2-----0h2-----0h2-| A|-3-------3-------3-------3------| E|--------------------------------|
Verse 1(4x) e|------------------------------------------------| B|--00---00-00---00-00---00-00----00---00-00---00-| G|--00---00-00---00-00---00-00----00---00-00---00-| D|----0h2-----0h2-----0h2-----0h2---0h2-----0h2---| A|-3-------3-------0-------0----------------------| E|-------------------------------1-------1--------| She knows if your homeless/Sure as hell you'd be drunk/Or high trying to getbegging for junk/No one wants you around/They just throw you money for beer/Her name waswent by Autumn or fall/It's been seven long years since autumn went over/That meant good and all of her dreams grew a tear
Chorus e|------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--111---111-111----111----111-111--111---111-111----111---111-111---111-| G|--000---000-000----000----000-000--000---000-000----000---000-000---000-| D|-----0h2-------0h2-----0h2------------0h2-------0h2----0h2-------0h2----| A|-------------------0---------0---------------------0---------0----------| E|-1---------1---------------------1----------1---------------------------| She's somebody's baby/Somebody's baby girl/She's somebody's baby/Somebody's babyshe's still somebody's baby
Post-Chorus e|------------------| B|--11---11-11---11-| G|--00---00-00---00-| D|----0h2-----0h2---| A|-3-------3--------| E|------------------|
Verse 2(play verse part again with these words) She yells if you've never gone it alone/Well then you better throw the first got one lonely stoner waiting to bring her to her knees/She dreams about heaven/Remembering a nightmare she visits and knows all to well/And know and again/When she's sober she her teeth Chorus Verse 3(play verse again with these words) Today was her birthday strangely enough/When the found her body at the foot of the anonymous call to slowly tip off the police/They got her I.D. from her dental same fillings in tact the same nicotine stains/The birth to the death were both with no to grieve
Chorus Outro e|--333---33-333---33-333---33-333---33-333---33-3~| B|--111---11-111---11-111---11-111---11-111---11-1~| G|--000---00-000---00-000---00-000---00-000---00-0~| D|-----0h2------0h2------0h2------0h2------0h2---2~| A|-3--------3--------0--------0------------------3~| E|-------------------------------------1-----------|
That's it.The Fall and Winter EP come out together on Jan.14,'08. -Josh
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