Syd Barrett – Opel chords

I found all the genius chords of the most genius artist's song, Opel by Syd Barrett. So
I'm very glad to give you the chords of this spellbinding song, and I hope you'll enjoy it!
Some chords are so strange that I called them R,S, and T...

Chords used:

A(V) : 557655
E : 022100
G : 320003
D : x00232
A : x02220
B : 779877
Cadd9 : x32030
C : x32010
Bb : x1333x
F : 113211
F# : 224322
G(III) : 335433
D(X) : 10-10-12-11-10-10
Esus4 : x22200
C7 : x32310R : x00235
S : x00234 T : x00230 Asus9 : x02200 [A] : x0222x
A(V) EOn a distant shore, miles from land
G DStands the ebony totem in ebony sand,
A EA dream in a mist of grey
B A(V)On a far distant shore.
A(V) EThe pebble, it stood alone
G DAnd driftwood lies half buried
A EWarm, shallow water sweeps shells
B A(V)So the cockles shine.
A(V) EA bare, winding carcass stalk
G DShimmers as flies scoop up meat.
AAn empty way,
B A(V)Dry Tears.
A(V) EA crisp flax squeaks. Tall reeds
GMake a circle of grey
D AIn a summer way, around man
B A(V)so don’t drown
Bridge (repeat each chord several times...): Cadd9 C Bb Cadd9 C Bb F Esus4 E C7 F F# G(V) A D G C7 C Bb Cadd9 C Bb F Esus4 E C7 F F# G(V) A(V) D(V) G R S I’m trying R S I’m trying
D TTo find you
D TTo find you
R S I’m living R S I’m giving
D TTo find you
D T [A]To find you
[A]I’m living
[A]I’m living
[A]I’m trying
[A] Asus9I’m giving
Asus9 Wow...
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