Syd Barrett - I Never Lied To You tab

I Never Lied To You
Syd Barett

Standard Tuning
I Never Lied To You

A             G                         A
There will be shoulders pressing in the hall
            G                      A
and I won't know if you're here at all

              G                        A
there will be wine and drinking in the yard
               G            A
there won't be anybody very hard
              G                          A
there will be lots of things that we can do

and all and more will be for you
F#                  A
everything I knew I tried with you
    F#                          E
but everything to you was never easy
so I went ahead around my world

I saw the things you do arriving by your side

to see you looking too
                 A7                   E
but I know this. I know, I never lied to you
     G                     F
it's been just like you're gone
             A       G  F#
for just one day for so long
     F       F#      G                 D
It's been so hard to bear with you not there
but thought I think of you, the things you do

when I'm with you, to be with you,

to be alone...can only think
Why I am here? What's meant to be?
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