Sylvia Ratonel – In A Heartbeat chords

C Fmaj7I have a dream of starting a life
C Fmaj7 Gsus4I have a hope, a flame alight
Fmaj7 C/EThis is the moment, freedom is calling
Dm7 Fm Gsus4 Bbsus2This is my start, a new beginning
C Fmaj7I have a heart, it beats for you
C Bbsus2 Csus4 C/EA step at a time, our spirits renew
Fmaj7 C/ELiving together under the sun
D7sus4 D7 Bbsus2 F/GOur hearts will beat as one
C Fmaj7 Gsus4* In a heartbeat, I’ll be there for you
Fmaj7 Fmaj7In a heartbeat, no one else will do
C/E C/D C/EIn a heartbeat, we will always be
Fmaj7 Fm/G# Gsus4 Together, united; you and me
C Fmaj7 Gsus4In a heartbeat, time has passed us by
Fmaj7 Fmaj7 In a heartbeat, we will reach the sky
C/E C/D C/EIn a heartbeat, this will always be
Fmaj7 Gsus4 G#maj7 Our people, our country This is our family
Bbsus2 G#maj7Nothing will stand in our way
Bbsus2 G#maj7We can be strong today
Eb/G Gsus4 G#The flame is alive This is our life
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