System Of A Down - X tab

System of a Down ======
Toxicity ==============
X =====================

Tabbed by: devon marquis *deftones17*
AIM: popnshroomz
Date: april 1, 2004

Tuning: c-g-c-f-a-d (all system's guitars tuned this way)

This is the last song by System I will tab due to others submitting bad tabs (until they
come out with a new album, of course).  Listen to the song several times while following
along on my tab.  This will help you undertand when to play certain sections.  Have some
bloody fun! Cheers!

with artificial harmonics 1:---------|2:---------|3:-5-7-8-7-|4:---------|5:---------|6:---------|
PM.................. . ......1:----------------------9b11---9b11---------9b11-|2:-----------------------------------------------|3:-----------------------------------------------|4:-----------------------------------------------|5:-----------------------------------------------|6:-10-12-13-12-0-0-00-0------0------0-00-0-------|
Well, I hope you guys enjoyed my run of System tabs. I'm going to move on to other bands now. I've been meaning to get to Atreyu and Deftones and others, but once I get rolling on a band, well, I just roll. Thanks for rating/commenting. Your feedback is appreciated. - deftones17 You wanna know what's great about all this stuff I've posted? I did most of it at my school in my 3rd period business class and my 5th period study hall. Like my uncle always said: School prepares you for the real world, which also sucks! Take Care Mates!
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