System Of A Down – Dam tab

  / System of a Down  /  This song is from SOAD's early days made around the times of
 / Dam               /  their first release. It is a discouraged and frustrated expression
/___________________/  of SOAD's basic ideology written inside the cover. Read it.

Guitar: Clean, Drop-C tuning, barytone Ibanez, which gives it a lovely crunchy sound ;) Q=65 bpm 4/4 C5 G#/C C#maj7/C (no3) E E E S S +S E S E E E E E S S +S E S E E||------------------------------------|------------------------------------||||o-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------o||||----------2-----------------2-------|---------------------------3--------||||------0-------0-------0---------0---|---------3-----------1---------1----||||o-----------------------------------|-----1-------1---------------------o||||--0-------------0-(0)-----0---------|-0-------------0-(0)-----0----------||
...actually this is the way it's played as you can clearly hear the consequent sliding sound of switching between the positions, but it doesn't really matter that much!
E E E S S +S E S E E E E E S S +S E S E E||------------------------------------|------------------------------------||||o-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------o||||------------------------------------|------------------------------------||||----------7-----------------7-------|---------3-----------------8--------||||o-----5-------5-------5---------5---|-----1-------1-------6---------6---o||||--0-------------0-(0)-----0---------|-0-------------0-(0)-----0----------||
Damn you Stay away from me I got a disease Everyone is sleeping Fuck you For putting hate in me For putting faith in me Everyone is sleeping Everyone is sleeping Everyone is sleeping Everyone is sleeping - 17th /June /07 Just mail me at with questions, comments and corrections!
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