Sam Cooke – He Is So Wonderful chords


Bb         D         C

Wonderful, God is so wonderful

Bb              G            F       C  F

he's wonderful, God he's so wonderful


[Vers 1]

Bb                       D            Eb

The Lord is my shepherd, he's my guide


Whenever I need, the Lord will provide

    Bb     G          C

And praise my lords name

  Eb           Bb

I know he's so wonderful


[Vers 2]

   F         Bb        D

And O, he's wonderful and I better believe

Eb                        C

The Lord is wonderful, oh yes he is

   Bb   G    C            Eb

And O, he's wonderful, I know the Lord


he's so wonderful


[Vers 3]

    F   Bb                    D

And O, if you never tried God, try the Lord one day

Eb                              C

And see when my father come down and make a way

   Bb  G        C           Eb

And O, i can't help it but love God


he's so wonderful, wonderful etc.


{Vers 4]

F  Bb                  D

   He's been my mother and my father too

Eb                  C

There's no limit to what my Lord can do

   Bb  G      C    Eb       Bb

and O, I love God, he's so wonderful

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