Sara Bareilles – Someone Who Loves Me chords

C  Fm (x4)

[Verse 1]
CCould I rest here for a while
ENear that medal 'round your neck?
AmSt. Jude's wearin' a smile
C/BbHe wouldn't mind, I bet
FI can't go face the world
FmMy bones won't hold me up
C E AmSo, tell the saint of lost souls where to find me
F GSoftly sleepin', here in the deep end
C Fm C FmOf someone who loves me
[Verse 2]
CYou let me cry it out
E'Cause you know that sometimes I can't stop
AmAnd still, I'm seeking out
C/BbTo stand up when the bottom drops
FThe weight of all the world
FmCan blind me to its beauty
C E AmBut every time I need to be reminded
F GI know you will, and say you're still
C Fm C FmSomeone who loves me
Am F AmIiii try to push it down, but it comes back
GFaster and harder
Dm F CTiiides are changin' on a dime and I'm just tryin'
GTo keep my head above the water
[Verse 3]
C ESurrender's just a word 'til you try it out
Am C/BbAnd see how hard it is to hurt with someone else around
F FmI'm the worst I've ever been, afraid of almost everything
C E AmThe skies are clear, but storms are always comin'
F GYour gift to me is just to be
E AmBracing for the winds I always summon
F GMy home, my heart, thank God you are
C Fm C Fm CSomeone who loves me
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