Saves The Day – Suzuki chords

[Verse 1]
G D C On a black and red couch playing a burgundy Les Paul
G D/F# CI played on Can't Slow Down so many years ago
[Chorus 1]
Em D CWriting album number 9 right now
G D C G D/F# C Em DWhoa
[Verse 2]
G D C Now I'm up in my room with Jess and Tara and Roe
G D/F# C20 Whiskey Lane, Suzuki taught me cello
[Chorus 2]
Em D C7 years before Stairway To Heaven
[Instrumental] G D C G D/F# C Em D [Verse 3]
N.C. CWhoa Waking up at The Bug writing the words for a sad song
G D/F# CSo in love with life sometimes it's all too much
[Chorus 3]
Em D CThank you all forever and always
G D Cwhoa oh oh
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