Say Anything – The Church Channel chords

Dm7 Am GI wake up in a room and realize I'm insane again
G Dm7 AmThis is the fifth time straight in a year I've ended up in here
G GEating p.b.j's and watching the church channel nightly
Dm AmI didn't mind what I did
G GI fell behind on my nightly four-course meal of rainbow pills
Dm Am G Dm CAnd now I'm wondering what is fake and what is real
A DmBut who's that ghost who keeps walking by my door
C F DmI've never seen a girl look so good in thick-rimmed glasses before
C Dm CAnd I feel her gaze on me during sleeping hours and when I shower
A# CAhhhhhh Ahhhhhh Ahhhhhh Ah
[Instrumental] G D C [Verse]
G Dm GThey let us play with markers but I keep trying to draw infinity
C G FAnd I read the bible to pass the time
C G Dm CmBut one day out of nowhere, she sits down and looks over my shoulder
C GI'm shaking harder then I've ever shook before
F Am GShe sings "Oh, do you remember me? is your mind that worn?
F Am Gm G CWe both were born to be one with that which the public scorned
F Though you were forlorn in despair
Am GWith your drugs and your hardcore porn
F Am G FTrust me, those days won't be mourned"
C F CSo lay your head on me
C F CSo lay your head onto me
C F CSo lay your head on me
C F CSo lay your head onto me
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