Slayer – Angel Of Death chords

[Verse 1]
G DAuschwitz, the meaning of pain
E CThe way that I want you to die
G DSlow death, immense decay
E CShowers that cleanse you of your life
G DForced in like cattle
You run
EStripped of
CYour life's worth
G DHuman mice, for the angel of death
E CFour hundred thousand more to die
[Chorus 1]
EAngel of death
D GMonarch to the kingdom of the dead
[Verse 2]
G DSadistic, surgeon of demise
E CSadist of the noblest blood
G DDestroying, without mercy
E CTo benefit the aryan race
G DSurgery, with no anesthesia
E CFeel the knife pierce you intensely
G DInferior, no use to mankind
E CStrapped down screaming ouo die
[Chorus 2]
EAngel of death
D GMonarch to the kingdom of the dead
Cadd9 DInfamous butcher
GAngel of death
[Verse 3]
G DPumped with fluid, inside your brain
E CPressure in your skull begins pushing through your eyes
G DBurning flesh drips away
E CTest of heat burns your skin, your mind starts to boil
G DFrigid cold cracks your limbs
EHow long can you last
CIn this frozen water burial?
G DSewn together, joining heads
EJust a matter of time
C'til you rip yourselves apart
G DMillions laid out in their
E ECrowded tombs
G DSickening ways to achieve
C CThe holocaust
[Verse 4]
G DSeas of blood, bury life
ESmell your death as it burns
CDeep inside of you
G DAbacinate, eyes that bleed
EPraying for the end of
CYour wide awake nightmare
G DWings of pain, reach out for you
EHis face of death staring down
CYour blood running cold
G DInjecting cells, dying eyes
EFeeding on the screams of
CThe mutants he's creating
G DPathetic harmless victims
E ELeft to die
G DRancid Angel of death
C C flying free
[Guitar Solo] [Chorus 2]
EAngel of death
D GMonarch to the kingdom of the dead
E DInfamous butcher
GAngel of death
GAngel of death
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