Soccer Mommy – Memories chords

B A E F# x4

[Verse 1]
B AMemories
E F# B ADrowning in the deep end when your love recedes
E F# B AEverything you gave me, like a stone it sinks
E F# B A E F#I can feel you floating away
[Verse 2]
B A Summer was
E F# B AThe ending of a heat wave so we bathed in lust
E F# B AJust to keep form burning in the august rush
E F# B A E F#When everybody's moving away
[Interlude] B A E F# x2 [Verse 3]
B A Feelings swell
E F# B ARedder than my eyes when all the sorrow fell
E F# B ADripping down my cheeks and i'm not doing well
E F# B A E F#Missing you is eating me up
[Interlude] B A x4 [Verse 3]
B A Memories
E F# B ASunday mornings sleeping in your company
E F# B AI could feel the sunlight washing over me
E F# B A E F#Now i feel it washing away
[Outro] B A x12
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