Solas – Bonnie Mae chords


Dm7 CBonnie Mae a-shepherding's gone
Dm7 C GTo call the sheep to the fold
C Dm7And aye, as she sang, her bonny voice, it rang
G CRight over the tops of the downs, downs
G COver the tops of the downs
Dm7 CThere came a troop of gentlemen
Dm7 C GAs they were riding by
C Dm7And one of them has lighted down
G CAnd he's asked of her the way, the way
GHe's asked of her the way
C Dm7 C"Ride on, ride on, you rank riders
Dm7 C GYour steeds are stout and strong
C Dm7For it's out of the fold I will not go
G CFor fear you'll do me wrong, wrong
GFear you'll do me wrong"
C Dm7 CNow he's taken her by the middle jip
Dm7 C GAnd by the green gown sleeve
C Dm7And there he's had his will of her
G CAnd he's asked of her no leave, no leave
GHe's asked of her no leave
C Dm7 C"Oh, I've ridden east and I've ridden west
Dm7 C GAnd I've ridden o'er the downs
C Dm7But the bonniest lass that ever I saw
GIs calling her sheep to the fold"
C Dm7 CShe has taken the milk pail on her head
Dm7 C GAnd she's gone lingering home
C Dm7And all her father said to her
G CWas, "Daughter, you've done me wrong, wrong
GDaughter, you've done me wrong"
C Dm7 CNow twenty weeks were gone and past
Dm7 C GTwenty weeks and three
C Dm7And the lassie began to fret and to frown
G CAnd to long for his twinkling eye, bright eye
GLong for his twinkling eye
[Instrumental] F G C F G C F G C G [Verse]
C Dm7 CNow it fell on a day, and a bonny summer's day
Dm7 C GFor she walked out alone
C Dm7That selfsame troop of gentlemen
G CCame a-riding o'er the downs, downs
G CRiding o'er the downs
Dm7 C"Who got the babe with thee, Bonnie Mae?
Dm7 C GWho got the babe in thy arms?"
C Dm7For shame she blushed and aye, she said
G"I've a good man of my own"
C Dm7 C"You lie, you lie, you bonny, bonny Mae
Dm7 C GSo loud I hear you lie
C Dm7Remember the misty, murky night
G CI lay in the fold with thee, with thee
GI lay in the fold with thee
C Dm7 CNow he's lighted off his berry-brown steed
Dm7 C GHe's set the fair Mae on
C Dm7"Go call out your fold, good father, yourself
G CShe'll ne'er call them again, again
GShe'll ne'er call them again"
C Dm7 CFor he's the Lord of Achentrioch
Dm7 C GWith fifty plough and three
C Dm7And he's taken away the bonniest lass
G CIn all the south country, country
GIn all the south country
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