Sufjan Stevens – Mr Frosty Man chords

F  G  A  F  G  D
F  G  A  F  G  D

[Verse 1]
F G AIt's time to tango with the frisky, frosty Frosty Man
F G DHe's got a temperature of negative degrees again
F G AHe likes ice cream and Yo La Tengo with the jammin' pants
F G DYou got to cool it with the hipster costly Frosty Man
F G AHe's chillin', illin', thrillin' with the Mr. Saucy Pants
F G DHe likes to keep it real, he likes to talk a little sense
F G AHe's got a friend called Coolio, Vanilla Ice, and Ice Cube
F G DBanana split and frozen pie and Mr. Frosty Pants
CMr. Frosty Man, Frosty, Frosty, Frosty, Frosty, Frosty Man
F G A F G D F G A F G D [Verse 2]
F G ADon't get his goat, he just might melt, and then he gets all mean
F G DWhen summer comes, he sits beside the air conditioning
F G ABut, Mr. Frosty, don't be bossy, winter's coming soon
F G D CAnd when it snows again, Frosty
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