T Rex – Deborah tab

capo on 3rd fret


G shapeE --------------------3-------------------------|B ---------------3------3-----------------------|G ---------------0----0-------------------------|D ----------------------------------------------|A ---2---------2----2---------------------------|E -3---x10---3----3---------x10+----------------| Deborah, Dougorah ect
Play intro G Dug redug dug redug redug G O debora you look like a zebra C D Your sunken lace is like a galleon C D G Clawed with mysteries of the spanish main o Debora x2
E ------------------------------|B ------------------------------|G ------------------------------|D 3-5-7-5-3-(0)--3--------------|A -----------5------------------|E ------------------------------|
“Ni. .. Nie nie nie I” G O debora you're always dressed like a conjurer C D It's fine to see your young face smiling C D G 'Neath the stallion that I'm riding o debora G Debora you look like a stallion G shape until end By matthew Price this is my fourth tab I went to see a T rex tribute and the other day was great it was called “ Trextasy” Go see them if ya like trex Anything t say about my tab email me at: supersim_matt@hotmail.com
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