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From: sjpachuta@mmm.com
Subject: ADD: Baby Strange (T. Rex)

(This tab is a slight improvement of my previous one).

I don't know if anyone still listens to T. Rex, but I was a big fan
back in the early 70's, and I guess I still am for that matter.  In
some ways Marc Bolan reminds me of Kurt Cobain in that they both wrote
pretty simple but catchy tunes (O.K., not all of Nirvana's songs are
catchy, but I think many are)--and of course they both died young.
Here's one of my favorite T. Rex tunes, tabbed with the help of Marc
himself in the movie "Born to Boogie":

                              Baby Strange

                                 T. Rex

There's not much to this.  The sliding C# to D pattern is repeated
frequently between verses; the verses are built around D.

/ = slide up

Intro and between verses:

C# DE--1/2-2---1/2-2-2-----------|B--2/3-3---2/3-3-3-etc.------|G--1/2-2---1/2-2-2-----------|D----------------------------|A----------------------------|E----------------------------|
(Vary the pattern a bit on these) D Cmaj7E--2---------------2---2----------------2---0-------------------------|B--3---------------3---3----------------3---0-------------------------|G--2---------------2---2----------------2---0-------------------------|D-------------------------------------------2-------------------------|A-------------------------------------------3-------------------------|E-------------------------------------------0-------------------------| I see you walking I see you talking With all of my friends...
Chorus: F E F Am EE--1----------0--------------1---------------------------------------(fast---|B--1----------0--------------1------------1-------------1-------1------------|repeats)G--2----------1--------------2------------0-------------0-------2------1-----|D--3----------2--------------3------------2-------------0-------2------2-----|A--3----------2--------------3------------3-------------2--------------2-----|E--1----------0--------------1------------3----------------------------0-----| OOO you're strange Don't lame me baby strange Don't lame me baby
Lyrics (from liner notes on The Slider): I see you walking, I see you talking With all of my friends I'm shadowed under, You're like some thunder I wanna be your friend I wanna call you, I wanna ball you All night long In winds of passion, My whip is lashing I wanna get you and then CHORUS: OOO you're strange Don't lame me baby strange Don't lame me baby The city's shaking, I ain't faking Baby this is the end I'm overloaded, My head's exploded I wanna get you and then CHORUS Notes: The version on The Slider is in standard tuning. The version in "Born to Boogie" is a half step higher. Marc Bolan doesn't use a capo on this one, however, so he either tuned a half step higher or the film maker (Ringo Starr!) sped it up a bit. I'm curious if anyone else likes this song (or has even heard of this song) and actually plans to try this tab. Please let me know if you do! As always, corrections and comments are welcome. Steve Pachuta sjpachuta@mmm.com
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