T Rex - 20th Century Baby chords

T. Rex - 20th Century Baby

This is quite the pretty little song, and sounds great when played on an acoustic.  I 
it on the T. Rex "Work in Progress" 2 disc set, it appears on both discs in stripped-down 
and full-band forms.


Intro: G


G EmThe highlight of my life was meeting you
G D D7That windy autumn day at Malibu
CYour face was heaven sent
GMy mind laid hard to rent
D C G D7Girl be my 20th century baby
(chords continue as such for whole song.) 2nd verse/chorus: Love comes but once to men the wise men say I knew that must be true that LA day Your diamond eyes that shine The rubies of your mind Girl be my 20th century baby 1 verse of do-do-do's, then 2nd chorus over repeat 1st verse/chorus end on G
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