T Rex - One Inch Rock chords

I realised there wasn't any tabs or tutorials for this brilliant little song. It's all 
bar chords, a classic blues rock song.
Some of the lyrics may not be correct but I'm sure the chords are. Enjoy.

Tabbed by: lewisinglis
Email Address: lewisinglis@hotmail.co.uk
YouTube Channel: hibeelewy95

Bb (or A# )(Ditt-dee dit da da-da)
BbMet a woman she's spouting prose
She's got luggage eyes and a roman nose
EbHer body is slung from side to side
BbNeed a lift she said much obliged
F EbI'm riding piggy-back
BbCome to her shack woooh
BbWe go inside the place is a mess
She said my name's the liquid poetess
EbShe unties her mouth and her buckskin dress
BbShe drinks from a bottle labeled tenderness
F Eb BbI'm in one hand in the other's a can Ohhh
BbShe puts me in the can and smiles through the wall
I got the horror's cos I'm one inch tall
EbNext thing I know's a girl by my side
BbDressed in a bayleaf she's trying to hide
F Eb BbI asked her name she said Germaaaaine
BbDo the waba, do the one inch rock
I do the rock I do the one inch rock.
EbDo the waba, do the one inch rock
BbI do the rock I do the one inch rock.
F Eb BbOhhhhh Do it do it do it do it - Ma-ma-ma Ma ma ma-ma Ma
BbDa da da Lee-da - dodo
Dow-dow deedee-li dow dow (Yes!)
EbDow dow - deedee li dow dow da ha
BbDow dow deedee di dow dum
F EbOhhhh- do it, do it, do it
Bb Eb(strum twice) Bb(let ring..)Ever'body gotta do the one inch rock
(Bb still ringing)Doo-di-doo-di doo-dey doo dum dum
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