T Rex – Dandy In The Underworld chords

A Bolanic revision of Orpheus Descending, Sounds better on acoustic guitar

C Am Prince of Players, Pawn of none
F G Born with steel reins on the heart of the Sun
C Am Gypsy explorer of the New Jersey Heights
F G Exalted companion of cocaine nights **
C Am 'Cos he's a Dandy in the Underworld
C Am Dandy in the Underworld
F G When will he come up for air,
Am C D Will anybody ever care *
same chords for the rest of the song and chorus. At an old eighteen exiled he was To the deserted kingdoms of a mythical Oz Distraction he wanted, to destruction he fell Now he forever stalks the ancient Mansions of hell * Repeat Now his lovers have left him And his youth's ill spent He cries in the dungeons and tries to repent But change is a monster and changing is hard But he'll freeze away his summers in his Underground yard * Repeat ** Repeat Repeat twice
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