T Rex - Broken Hearted Blues tab

                            Broken Hearted Blues

    This is one of my all time favorite songs, period. It's only a four
chord progression and a tiny lil' riff, but it's so simple yet beautiful.

D maj C maj 7 A min E min lil' riff (in key of D)E--2--------0---------0--------0---------------------------------------|B--1--------0---------1--------0----------------7--8-7--10-8-7-7-------|G--2--------0---------2--------0----------------7--7-7--7--7-7-7-------|D--0--------2---------2--------2----------------0--0-0--0--0-0-0-------|A-----------3---------0--------2---------------------------------------|E------------------------------0---------------------------------------|
D major C maj 7 This is a song that I wrote when I was young A minor E minor D maj (play the lil' riff here) and I call it the broken hearted blues D major C maj 7 The air on that night was tempered like a knife A minor E minor D maj (play the lil' riff here) and the people wore the face masks of a clown .....the same four chord progression with the riff at the end, that's the whole song, simple and sweet, just the way I like em'....the Axe Miester!
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