Taint - My Nuts Your Mouth tab

tabbed by nrddearborn@hotmail.com
Tuning: Dropped D down 1 1/2 steps
Tabbers Notes: This song is pretty easy to play. Make sure u have heavy gauge strings on your
guitar so that u can tune down the proper amount
*'s mean harmonics
Intro/Verses 1 and 2 (Clean)
Breakdown/prechorus(Distortion)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9-------9-------9-------9------------9-------9-------9-------9---9--------9--9----9--9----9--9----9----------- * * * *play this breakdown part twice but instead on the second time through slidedown the neck instead of playing harmonic
Chorus(Play 4x)(Distortion)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11-11-11-\-10-10-10-10-10-\-9-9-9-\-8-8-8-\-9-\-8-----------------------11-11-11-\-10-10-10-10-10-\-9-9-9-\-8-8-8-\-9-\-8-----------------------9--9--9--\-8--8--8--8--8--\-7-7-7-\-6-6-6-\-7-\-6----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Verse 3it's the same part as the other verses but distorted and palm muted---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11--------------11-------------11--------------11--------------8-----8-----8----8----8----8----8----8-----8----8----8----8----------9-----9----------9----9---------8----8---------8----8----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Then the Breakdown/Prechorus Part Again and then the Chorus Part Lyrics Verse 1 Fucking With My Head Every Fucking Day Wish These Motherfucks Would Go The Fuck Away Dookie Shooting Here In Your Fucking Ear Sitting On Your Face So You Can Have A Taste Breakdown/Prechorus Fuck Shit Ass Fuck My Nuts Your Mouth nhah Taint Whore Bow Down My Ass You Lick Now Cheese Balls No Drawers Your Knees Oh Please Verse 2 Beating Off Inside Want To Run And Hide Drinking Up My Cum It Tastes Like Fucking Gum Slap You In The Face With My Fucking Wang Drinking Up My Jizz It Tastes Like Fucking Tang Breakdown/Prechorus Chorus repeat 4x Nuts In Your Mouth My Nuts In Your Mouth Nuts In Your Mouth My Nuts In Your Mouth Verse 3 Fucking With My Head Every Fucking Day Beating Off Inside This Is Fucking Gay Breakdown/Prechorus Chorus That's About It, If U have n e questions just email me....
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