Tait – Bonded tab

Song:           Bonded
Artist:         Tait
written by:     Michael Tait, Pete Stewart
Album:          Empty

*most of the chords are power chords

Standard tuning
wah wah effect

     G   F   C   A#-C

(repeat intro over verse)
Theres a place I like to go

Far away where nobody knows

and the sun never goes down

I can loose myself in the light

I've found
          G          C
Cause when I'm, I'm need
           G             C
It's your love my heart receives

   F#             B
I bonded with the son today
         F#                        B        (riff)
and the rays he gave they light my way child
   F#             B
I bonded with the son today
       F#                       B        (riff)
and I heard him say ''it's all right now''

{riff 1:------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------|--7-6-6-4-4-6-----|
G F C (riff 2) People come people go G F C some leave you when you need them the most G F C God is love, he longs to be G F C More than you can believe G C Taste, taste and see G C That this love, this love is good (so good)
{riff 2------------------|---3-3-3----------|------------------|---------5-3-0----|------------------|------------------| (Chorus)
F G C A# I bonded with the son, the son G C I wanna lay everything at your feet G I wanna see you in my dreams C Speak to me G Take me to a higher place C A So I can see (solo) (Chorus)
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