Take That – Babe tab

Tom: Em

  Em                   D                  Am 
I come to your door to see you again. But where you once
             B                  Em 
stood was an old man instead. I asked where you'd be, he
            D                        Am 
said: She's moved on, you see. All I have is a number,
             B                     G 
you'd better ask her, not me. So I picked up the phone
    D                   Am          B              Em 
and dialed your number, not sure to put it down or speak. 
C      G                       D 
Then a voice I once knew answered in a sweet voice. She 
Am                                  B 
said: Hello, then paused before I began to speak
         Em        D                          Am 
Refrain: Babe, I'm here again, I tell you I'm here again
               B     Em        D 
where have you been? Babe, I'm back again, I tell
        Am                         B 
you I'm back again, where have you been?
    Em                               D 
You held your voice well, there were tears I could tell. 
Am                                B 
Where were you now what you gonna tell me in time. Just 
Em                 D                               Am 
give me a town and I'll be straight down, I've got so much
                  B                       G 
to tell you about where I have been. As I walked down
                D                    Am 
your road can't wait to be near you, I can't keep this 
B             Em  D     G                            D 
feeling in inside. As I stand at your door you answered
in a sweet voice, you said: I love then paused, before I
begin to speak
C          D          G     D     Em    G  C         D 
  As I looked away I saw a face behind you. A little boy
              G    G7 E7 C               D           G 
stood at your door.       And when I looked again I saw
    D        Em       G         Am              B 
his face was shining. He has my eyes, he has my smile.
Em        D                          Am 
Babe, I'm back again, I tell you I'm back again I'm here
    B    Em           D             Am 
for you. Babe, please take me back, take me back, back
     B      Em           D              Am 
home again. Babe, please hold me close, hold me close
         B           Em         D           Am 
like you used to do. Babe, just me and you, you and me...
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