Take That – Could It Be Magic chords

Am G Cm Bb Spirits move me, everytime I'm near you
Cm Bb C7 Whirling like a cyclone in my mind
Am G Cm Bb You're my lifeline, angel of my lifetime
Cm Bb C7 Answer to all answers I can find
C Fm C Fm Db G Eb Baby, I want you, come, come, come into my arms
F Db C7 Let me feel the wonder of all of you
C Fm C Fm Db G Eb Could it be magic now, now, now and hold on fast
F Db C7 Could this be the magic at last.
Baby, take me, high upon a hillside high up, where the stallion meets the sun I could love you, build my world around you Never leave you 'til my live is done Baby, I want you....
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