Taking Back Sunday – Just Like Heave Acoustic tab

Left handed
	  Just Like Heaven (Acoustic) - Taking Back Sunday (Cure Cover)
Tabbed by: zildjian215
Email: zildjian215@gmail.com

This an excellent cover of a Cure song; not performed the same way as the original, but 

Tuning: Standard - Capo on the 3nd fretChords Used: G C Ab D Eb Fmine|--0---0---0---0---0---0----------------------------------------------------|B|--3---1---1---3---0---1----------------------------------------------------|G|--0---0---2---2---0---2----------------------------------------------------|D|--0---2---2---0---2---3----------------------------------------------------|A|--2---3---0---0---2---0----------------------------------------------------|E|--3---------------0--------------------------------------------------------|
Intro -e|--2-2--0-00--0-00-00--0-00-0-00--0-0-00------------------------------------|B|--3-3--3-33--1-10-00--1-11-1-11--3-3-33------------------------------------|G|--2-2--2-22--2-22-22--0-00-0-00--0-0-00------------------------------------|D|--0-0--0-00--2-22-22--0-00-2-22--0-0-00------------------------------------|A|--0-0--0-00--0-02-00--2-22-3-33--2-2-22------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------3-3-33------------------------------------|*Sometimes he stays on the C instead of ending on the G
Verse - G D Show me show me show me how you do that trick Ab C The one that makes me scream she said G D The one that makes me laugh she said Ab C And threw her arms around my neck G D Show me how you do it Ab C And I promise you, I promise that G D I'll run away with you Ab C I'll run away with you Intro x2 Verse Bridge - Eb You Fmin Soft and only Eb You Fmin Lost and lonely Eb You Fmin Strange as angels C Dancing in the deepest oceans D Twisting in the water you're just like a dream Intro x2 Verse Bridge End on G (as tabbed above) then on a standard G (pressing 3rd fret high e string) ===============================================================================
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