Taking Back Sunday - Slowdance On The Inside Acoustic tab

                      |SLOWDANCE ON THE INSIDE|
                      |           BY          |
                      |   TAKING BACK SUNDAY  |

It sounds right but i dnt know if it is accurate. This is all i know so far. ill update 
as soon as i can.

INTROe|---0--|g|---3--|b|---2--| x16d|---0--|a|------|E|------|
e|---0--|g|---3--|b|---2--| x16d|---0--|a|---0--|E|---3--|
e|---0--|g|---3--|b|---2--| x16d|---0--|a|---2--|E|------|
e|---0--|g|---3--|b|---2--| x16d|---2--|a|---0--|E|------|
play this once for the intro and again twice for the verse and that is everything i have far.
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