Taking Back Sunday - El Paso tab

Artist: Taking Back Sunday
Song: El Paso
Album: Taking Back Sunday
Tabbed By: Matthew Florio; myspace.com/mattflorio2
Email: shempashland@yahoo.com

Drop C# (half step down)

This is a new TBS song and is the first released from the self
title album featuring the original lineup!
There isn't much to the song. It is mostly bass and noise. 
The few guitar parts that there are I attempted to tab.
I am not too sure how accurate it is but it fits
with the song! Contact me if you need.

Intro/ChorusGuitar 1|----------------------------||------------0---------------||---4h666p4p-4b--------------||-----------4----------------||----------------------------||----------------------------|
Guitar 2|------------------||------------------||------------------||---24444442-------||---24444442-------||---24444442-------|
No Guitar for the Verses (just random noises) *a lot of bending from the 4th fret of the low E string
BridgeGuitar 1|---00 00----------------------||---99109----------------------||------------------------------||---------------7p-----7p------||--------7h9-7h9--9-7h9--9-----||------------------------------|'You all look the same...'
Guitar 2|------------------------||------------------------||---444444---------------||---444444-244444444-----||---222222-244444444-----||----------244444444-----|
Breakdown (mostly pick scrapes) 'You got your way'
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