Tal Bachman - If You Sleep tab

From the self titled album.

Chords used:

E: 022100
C#m: x46654
A: x02220
B: x24442 (The B is played quickly in the course during the change from A to C#m)
F# 244322
Am: X02210


Figure of divine perfection
No ones loved with more affection
Soul to soul we've breathed
Oh I won't let the fates succeed

Worried hours of contemplation
Whispered bits of conversation
Unaffected orderlies
Disinfected rooms and hallways


            A                    B-C#m
And if you sleep, you sleep with god
     E      A              B-C#m
And if I cry, its for my heart
    E        A               B-C#m
Why should I hope to make it through
      E       A               E
Cause if you sleep, I'll sleep too

Repeat chords for other verses and chorus'

During the solo:

E - F# - A - Am - E x 2

Same chords are used throughout. The album version uses power chords a lot, in which 
just play the appropriate ones instead of the full chord. Comments/corrections welcome.
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