Tal Cohen-shalev - Heartaches And Ashes chords

Tal Cohen-Shalev's webpage: http://talcohenshalev.bandcamp.com/

Tal uses DADGBE tunning for a richer sound, but it's quite all right with the regular 
EADGBE tunning.
I did this by hearing so I guess some of the chords aren't 100% accurate.

When using EADGBE play the chords that are written by the lyrics.
When using DADGBE, use:
D	054230
F#m	402222
Em	222000
G	504030

D F#mThe cigarette she smoked left a funny taste
Em F#m G DIs it all or is there more I've missed?
D F#mCould not remember all the words she said
Em F#m G DSuddenly it's hard to cry
Em G DOoh… aah…
D F#m A A/Bb Bm Bm/AGot my hands on the wheel, two and ten
G D Em F#m G DThought about the things she said back then
D A A/Bb Bm Bm/A G DCar broke down on the highway, so did I
Like a wounded soldier returning to the war Lying in her bed Confusion has me now Running through my head Got my hands on the wheel, two and ten Thought about the things she said back then Car broke down on the highway and so did I The cigarette burned out The night is over It hit me in the back like a thousand lashes When all I'm left with Is heartaches and cold ashes (dudir)
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