Talking Heads – The Big Country tab

The Big Country


Guitar 1play with a slide and let all the notes ring|-------||----------------------------------------|||-/7----||:------9-----9/12---12-12/14----14/19--:|||-/7----||--------9-9--9/12---12-12/14----14/19---|||-/7----||---------9---9/12---12-12/14----14/19---|||-------||:--------------------------------------:|||-------||----------------------------------------||
|Guitar 2| D E G A D|--2----||-------0-------3----3-3-3-----------2---|||--3----||:------0-------3----3-3-3-----------3--:|||--2----||-------1-------0----0-0-0--2--------2---|||--0----||-------2-------0----0-0-0--2--------0---|||-------||:------2-------2----2-2-2--0-----------:|||-------||-------0-------3----3-3-3---------------||
Guitar 1 and 2 basically play the same thing throughout the verse... D E I see the shapes, G A I remember from maps. D E I see the shoreline. G A I see the whitecaps. D E G A A baseball diamond, nice weather down there. D E G A I see the school and the houses where the kids are. D E G A Places to park by the fac’tries and buildings. D E G A Restaunts and bar for later in the evening. D E G A Then we come to the farmlands, and the undeveloped areas. D E G A And I have learned how these things work together. D E G A I see the parkway that passes through them all. D E G A And I have learned how to look at these things and I say, Here's the pattern for the Chorus:
Guitar 1 (slide)|---------------------------------------------||-17-----17\12-----12\10----------------------||-17-----17\12-----12\10----------------------||-17-----17\12-----12\10----------------------||---------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------|
|Guitar 2| C G F|-0---------3---------1----1-0-1-0-1-0---------||-1---------3---------1----------------1-------||-0---------0---------2------------------------||-2---------0---------3------------------------||-3---------2---------3------------------------||-----------3---------1------------------------|
C G F I wouldn’t live there if you paid me. C G F I couldn’t live like that, no siree! C G F I couldn’t do the things the way those people do. C G F I couldn’t live there if you paid me to. Outro: (While he goes Goo goo ga ga ga)
C G F|-----------------------------------------------------------------------||-17--17--17-17-17---12--12--12-12-12---10--10--10-10-10----------------||-17--17--17-17-17---12--12--12-12-12---10--10--10-10-10----------------||-17--17--17-17-17---12--12--12-12-12---10--10--10-10-10----------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
I tabbed this listening to the live version off of The Name of This Band is Talking so it might be a little bit different in some parts from the album version
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