Talking Heads - Perfect World chords

Intro: B  F

BWell, I know what it is
FBut I don't know where it is
Where it is
B Well, I know where it is
FBut I don't know what it looks like
What it looks like
B Well, I know what it looks like,
FBut I don't know where she comes from
BWell, I know where she comes from,
FBut I don't know what's her name.
Am B (and she said) This is a perfect world
Am B I'm riding on an incline
Bm F I'm staring in your face
Bm CYou'll photograph mine
BAnd I've been walking, talking
FBelieving the things that are true
BAnd I've been finding
F The difference between right and wrong...good and bad
BSee me put things together
F Put them back where they belong
B Am I just like the others
FHave I always been singing the same song
F B Somebody said that it happens all over the world
FI do believe that it's true
B (?) And the sun's coming up
FAnd we're doing all the things that we should
B F Doesn't everybody here believe in the things we do?
(And she said) CHORUS Submited by Michael M. If you have any suggestions - email me at decembers_child28(dog)
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