Talking Heads - With Our Love tab

Talking Heads - With Our Love

(Main Riff)

Gm Am Bbme--------------------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------------------|G------0-----3-----5-----5-----6-----6-----6-----6-|D--3h5---3h5---3h5---3h5---6h8---6h8---6h8---6h8---|A--------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------|
Gm Am Gme--------------------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------------------|G------0-----3-----5-----5-----0-----0-----0-----0-|D--3h5---3h5---3h5---3h5---3h5---3h5---3h5---3h5---|A--------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------|
It's just a look, and it makes the boys quiver. Yes, it's just the look, and now they remember. (2nd guitar part before start of 2nd verse, play higher two strings of this chord don't play in intro) Bbm Cm Dbm Bbm Cm Bbm
E D Repeate-0--4---4----2--2---2---|B-0----5---5--3----3---3-|G-1-----------2----------|D-2-----------0----------|A-2----------------------|E-0----------------------|
Had they forgotten ... what this all means? Gm Am Bbm Gm Am Gm I think they want to forget, And they hope that this time, this time. (CHORUS) (too hard to tab for chord changes) A E A E I won't look G E G E I've got other things to do now. I forgot what it was, I've got to get to work now. (And they) set an example for us (I see it!). It can happen to me too. (And it) didn't make any difference to us (But I) G E G E Forgot the trouble, that's the trouble. Forgot the trouble, that's the trouble. Forgot the trouble, that's the trouble. Forgot the trouble, that's the trouble.
Am E Am Repeate--8----8----8----8----7----7----7----7----8----8----8----8----8----8----8----8----|B----10---10---10---10---10---10---10---10---10---10---10---10---10---10---10---10-|G----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|D----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
With our love, With our love, With our love.
(Cool lick leading to riff)e----------------|B--8-8--8/10-----|G--7-7--7/9----9-|D--------------9-|A----------------|E----------------|
[Go to Main Riff, play 2nd guitar part] Someone get the lyrics right, there's much more to this song than what's on lyrics sites. Tabbed by Dan Mooney
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