Tallman – A Darker Whole tab

Artist: Tallman
Song: A Darker Whole
Album: Mechanism [2002] (www.mp3.com/Tallman)
Tabbed by: Adam Muirhead (mada_emanon@yahoo.com)
Tabbed for: The Ladder (http://theladder.audioearth.com)
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Tallman is: 	Jason Toner - Vocals (Lyrics)
	    	Andrew Lauzon - Bass (FX)
	    	Paul Agricola - Guitar
	    	Rick Welbanks - Drums

. = palm mute (don't palm mute right on the bridge,
               place your palm about 2-3 finger
               width's from it)
* = sutained note

Drop D (DADGBe)

RIFF A0:00 - 0:44 (intro/verse)e-------------| |---------|B-------------| |---------|G-----8-8-8-7-| |-----7-8-|D-0-0---------| |-0-0-----|A-0-0---------| |-0-0-----|D-0-0---------| X3 |-0-0-----| . . . .
RIFF B0:44 - 1:06 (chorus)e--------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------|G-55555555-3333-2222-22222222122222222-|D--------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------|D--------------------------------------|
1:06 - 1:39 (RIFF A) 1:39 - 2:00 (RIFF B)
2:00 - 2:12: RIFF Ce-------------|B-------------|G-------------|D-1*--111-111-|A-1*--111-111-|D-1*--111-111-| X4 ... ...For the above part, the 111 means tremelostrumming while holding the first fret,Paul plays it down-up-down very quickly, twice.
2:12 - 2:45 RIFF De-----------|B-----------|G-----------|D-0*-1-3-0*-| X4A-----------|D-----------|
2:45 - 3:40 RIFF Ee-x-| This is played above the nut, not even onB-x-| the neck of the guitar, Paul plays a 6 stringG-x-| guitar, with half the strings fastened oneach side of the guitar head, Paul only strikes the3 thinnest strings (for the first sound)
RIFF E CONT'D:e-x-x-| This is played right where the stringsB-x-x-| come out of the bridge, make sure toG-x-x-| mute the strings (with your hand)D-x-x-| Paul strikes from e up to D.
3:40 - 4:05RIFF Fe-----|------|B-----|------|G-----|---7--|D-3-5-|-1----|A-----|-1----|D-----|-1----| .
RIFF A Again
4:28 - 4:50RIFF Ge-------------|B-------------|G-7-5-2---2-5-|D-7-5-2-3-2-5-|A-5-3-0-3-0-3-|D-------3-----|These are just the chords, don't play eachonly once, but I can't count the exact # oftimes to play each
4:50 - 5:12RIFF He--------------------------------------|B-7777777-9999999-1111111111-99999999--|G--------------------------------------|D--------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------|D--------------------------------------| X3(111111 = 11 really fast)
5:12 - 5:24RIFF Ie-------------------|B-------------------|G-------------------|D-1--1--0-0--0--1-1-|A-1--1--0-0--0--1-1-|D-1--1--0-0--0--1-1-|
ANDe---------------------|B---------------------|G---------------------|D-111-111-1--1--1-1-0-|A-111-111-1--1--1-1-0-|D-111-111-1--1--1-1-0-| ... ...
Most of this is pretty accurate, not 100% but close I watched Paul play this live twice and reviewed the videotape, so some of this (the intro) is correct, some of it was tabbed by ear. LYRICS: A darker whole concealed, within the folds of a truth revealed A blank passage, unread chapter, in my book of memories It crawls though the space behind my face trying to complicate the scene that surrounds me slapped in the face, a bitter taste lingers to penetrate, amuse and astound me Striving to widen the spaces of consciousness It still keeps me locked up inside myself Searching for some sort of revelation Failing to confront the situation I keep slipping I push it down, beneath the surface Ive forgotten, but Its still there It crawls though the space behind my face rying to complicate the scene that surrounds me slapped in the face, a bitter taste lingers to penetrate, amuse and astound me and I cant forget and I cant forgive and I still regret and I still re-live standing on the edge I see emptiness and fading dreams shallow pools of everything nothing seems to comfort me born into obscurity cannot find security clouded by the hate I feel look to what I know is real nothing but the world around me still I fall, back through still I fall, in to a darker hole a darker whole and I cant forget and I cant forgive and I still regret and I still re-live
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