Sacred Beast chords with lyrics by Tally Hall - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Tally Hall – Sacred Beast chords

I didn't actually figure these chords out; thanks for that go to Mr. Chuckles and 
thej2 from the Tally Hall forums.

C F CWe live in the service of the King
C F GAlmighty in control of everything
F G Em AAs the Queen decides who lives and dies, tonight we will sing
F Love was never more than simple
F, Cx3::whistle::
Geasiest thing
C F COur mission is to slay the Sacred Beast
C F GWho has come to claim our innocence, at least
F G Em AAnd although the gang before us lived to die, as his feast
F We'll be riding high and swinging
F, Cx3::whistle::
Gtil we're deceased
Cm G Ab EbFirst of all, we know that we are dying for our lives
Ab EbWanting for naught, and no surprise
Db Cm Bb AbSo there will need to be a war for love
Db Cm Bb AbA fight in spite of Death above
Db Cm Bb Ab Eb~FBiting the hand that feeds its own demise
C F CWe thought we had found a separate peace
C F GWe thought all our pain had finally been released
F G Em ABut as long as we're alive, we'll never rest in one piece
FMeanwhile they'll(?) join in whistling
F, Cx3 G::whistle::
Cm G Ab EbWorst of all it knows its only truth is made of lies
Ab EbWanting for aught and ever wise
Db Cm Bb AbSo there will need to be a compromise
Db Cm Bb AbEasier to close our eyes
Db Cm Bb Ab Eb~FSeeing the other sides of our disguise
C F CWe thought love was only nice or mean
C F GPerhaps it's something vaguely in between
F G Em F#So while neighbors fight to paint their yards the best shades of green
FWe'll be in the garden growing
F, Cx3::whistle:
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