Tally Hall – Ruler Of Everything chords

			     RULER OF EVERYTHING - Tally Hall
Tabbed by:Murzain

This is my first tab, i noticed that this song was nowhere so i decided to tab it out myself. 

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G#5 E5 F#5 B5 G#5 E5 D5 Db5 B5e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-----13----9----11---------13----9-----------------------------------------|A|-----11----7-----9----9----11----7-----12----11---9------------------------|E|----------------------7----------------10-----9---7------------------------|
G#5 E5 F#5 G#5 E5 D5 B5e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-----13----9---11---9--7----13----9----------------------------------------|A|-----11----7----9-----------11----7----12----9-----------------------------|E|---------------------------------------10----7-----------------------------|
Piano Intro This part really isn't made for guitar but its roughly this (play very lightly)
E Am E Ame|--7-7-7-7---5/---7-7-7-7---5/----------------------------------------------|B|--9-9-9-9---5/---9-9-9-9---5/----------------------------------------------|G|--9-9-9-9---5/---9-9-9-9---5/----etc.-just keep repeating------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------l
EJuno was mad, he knew he'd been had
Am ESo he shot at the sun with a gun
Am EShot at the sun with a gun
Am EShot at his wily one
Only friend Am F#m X2 The Verses/Chorus
E BmIn the gallows or the ghetto
E BmIn the town or the meadow
EIn the billows
BmEven over the sun
EEvery end of a time
BmIs another begun
EYou understand mechanical hands
Am EAre the ruler of everything
Am ERuler of everything
Am EI'm the ruler of everything
In the end Am F#m X2
EDo you like how I dance
AmI've got zirconium pants
EConsequential enough
AmTo slip you into a trance
EDo you like how I walk?
AmDo you like how I talk?
EDo you like how my face
AmDisintegrates into chalk?
EI have a wonderful wife
AmI have a powerful job
E Am AmShe criticizes me for being egocentric
FmYou practice your mannerisms
BInto the wall
FmIf this mirror were clearer
BI'd be standing so tall
FmI saw you slobber over clovers
BOn the side of the hill
FmI was observing the birds
BCircle in for the kill
I've been you
EI know you
EYour facade is a scam
You know you're making me cry This is the way that I am
EI've been living a lie
EA metamorphical scheme
EDetective undercover brotherhood
AmObjective: obscene
G#5 Am G#5 G#5 EOh no, no, oh yeah
Bridge: E E Bm Bm (keep playing this)
E EDo you hear the flibbity jibbity jibber jabber
Bm Bm With an oh my God I've got to get out of here etc..
EYou understand mechanical hands
Am EAre the ruler of everything
Am ERuler of everything
Am EI'm the ruler of everything
In the end Am F#5
EWithout looking down gliding around
Am ELike a bumbling dragon I fly
Am EScraping my face on the sky
G#5 Am G#5 G#5 EOh no, no, oh yeah
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