Tally Hall – The Trap chords ver. 2

Capo 3

Intro: C C C Am/Gmaj

C AmWhispered leaves on swaying trees and
F CMysteries define
C AmSummer nights of endless light
Em GRemind us of the line that's
CYours & Mine
C AmThoughts of green and breezes mean
F CI'm growing from a stem
C AmMissing dirt on my T-shirt
Em GYou'll move a little closer but the moving isn't over if it's
F CThem & You & Me
F EmStringing electricity
Am Dm E E7And the rest of it is waiting under
F CWhen it overflows
F Em AmTaking us where no one knows
F G# CWe remember when we fell into the trap
C AmMidnight air is unprepared for
F CThoughts we would condemn
C AmSilence of the stars above
EmIn any other weather
GWe would try to stay together but it's
C Caug Am CaugMother & Fathers without
C Caug Am CaugWill doubt
C Caug Am CaugBrother to brother another
C Caug Am CaugHold out
C Caug Am CaugImagine a world if the numbers would take some
C Caug Am CaugTime out
C Caug AmMe without you & you without
Caug C Caug Am CaugI want to break out of this abstracting pattern of layers but it's
D# COn
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