Tally Hall - Spring And A Storm tab

****Beginning notes at the bottom of page.

Verse 1:

A                   F#m          A           F#m
One time I tried to sing about spring and a storm
          A   F#m         A    F#m
But you know,     how it goes
 D                                         Dm
Blah blah blah blah blah blah, blah-blah-blaaah
      A    F#m
All along
            D                 Dm                     A   F#m  A  F#m
Won't you pleeeease stop complaining? I'm playing a song
             A                   D--Dm         A                 D--Dm
But all the rain comes down the same   falling to from where it came
         A                D       Dm        A  F#m   A  F#m
On the ground then back around up into the sky

Verse 2:

   A                          F#m               A                F#m
I wish you could've heard the music, when the clouds growled overhead
   A                 F#m        A             Dm
I finally felt enthusiastic, I finally felt alive
 D                                         Dm
Blah blah blah blah blah blah, blah-blah-blaaah
        A    F#m    A    F#m
So you said
           D               Dm                    A   F#m   A  F#m
Would it pleeeease you to listen, to thunder instead?
         A                   D--Dm          A               D--Dm
Man the rain came down that day    and it drained my soul away
       A              D    Dm          A   D  F
And I wondered why I even bothered to try

A D E D   A D E F   A   F#m   

Verse 3:
     A   F#m                    A    F#m
Mr. Moon,    tell us about the sky
     A                 F#m                   A    F#m
The sky...is deep..and dark...and eternally high
      A                   D        Dm           A
Many people think that's where you go when you die
Do you?
         A                     D--Dm
Well I think you return to obscure
       A                 D        E
Or wherever you were, before you were
    A                D       Dm          A  D--Dm
But I won't let you lose yourself in the rain
                                         A                D   Dm
We have so much left to sing there's a storm for every spring
         A              D     Dm           A   D Dm
All you see and you and me became from a star
           A  D E              A   D  F
You're a star,      You're a star


                    A  D  E D(repeat till key change to C)<>
Voice 1: You're a star (Repeat till the end)

A D E D A D E D (3x)e|------------5-----------5--|-----------5-7---------------| B|-----5----7-----9-----7----|-----5---7-----9-------------|G|---6----7-----9---8-7------|---6---7---------9-10-7------|D|-7-------------------------|-7----------------------9-7--|A|---------------------------|-----------------------------|E|---------------------------|-----------------------------|
Voice 2: Silent explosive and silent explosive and.. (repeat till end) (on 3) Voice 3: C F G F Create until nothing is left to create and C F G F The universe bursts with an overworked sigh then C F G F Pretend to pretend to re-crown the creation and C F G F Sing the same thing 'til the clouds start to cry and then C F G F Over and over and over again and then C F Over and over and Fm Never again Ending Notes:
C C C2 F Fm Fme|----0-----0----------0---------------------------0-------------1------------------1--|B|------1-----1---1------1-------------------------1---------------3----------------1--|G|--------0-----0----------0-----------------------0-----------2-----2---------1----1--|D|---------------------------2-----------0---0-----0---------3---------3-----3------3--|A|--3---------------3----------3---3---3---3---3---3-------3---------------3--------3--|E|-------------------------------3---2-------------------1---------------1----------1--|
***** Play along with chords at beginning and throughout:
A F#me||----9-------9----------|----9-------9------------||B||------10------10---10--|------10------10----10---||G||*-9------9-------9-----|-11------11------11-----*||D||*----------------------|------------------------*||A||-----------------------|-------------------------||E||-----------------------|-------------------------||
Play during the "Blah-blah's" D Dme|----10-------10------------|----10-------10-----------|B|-------10-------10-----10--|-------10-------10----10--|G|-11-------11-------11------|-10-------10-------10-----|D|---------------------------|--------------------------|A|---------------------------|--------------------------|E|---------------------------|--------------------------|
And this during the "But all the rain" A D Dme|---9-------9----------|----10-------10-----------|B|-----10------10---10--|-------10-------10----10--|G|-9------9-------9-----|-11-------10-------10-----|D|----------------------|--------------------------|A|----------------------|--------------------------|E|----------------------|--------------------------|
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