Talulah Gosh – Talulah Gosh chords

Song:   Talulah Gosh (Amelia Fletcher)
Artist: Talulah Gosh
Album:  Backwash (K Records)

Standard tuning

(Amelia Fletcher: Tender Trap website)
(K Records, Talulah Gosh's label)

Chord Bank:
D     (xx0232) or (x57775)
G     (320033) or (355433)
F#m   (244222)
A     (x02220) or (577655)
Asus4 (x04230)

Intro riff: D GE|--555-3-2--333-2-2----------------|B|--777-5-3--555-3-2----------------|G|-------------------4-4-22-4-4-22--|D|-------------------5-5-55-5-5-55--|A|----------------------------------|E|----------------------------------| x2
Rhythm guitar intro/verse: D* G*E|--2220-320--2220-320--2220-320--2220-320--|B|--3333-333--3333-333--3333-333--3333-333--|G|--2222-222--2222-222--0000-000--0000-000--|D|--0000-000--0000-000--0000-000--0000-000--|A|----------------------xxxx-xxx--xxxx-xxx--|E|----------------------3333-333--3333-333--|
D* G*Every day she wakes up
D* G*Her life will be a movie
D* G*All the things she does
D*Written in her diary
Prechorus lead (with rhythm chords): F#m D F#m D F#m D A DE|--2~~--2~~--2~~--2~~--3\2~~--2~~--5~~--2~~--|B|--2~~--3~~--2~~--3~~--3\2~~--3~~--5~~--3~~--|G|----------------------------------6~~--2~~--|D|---------------------------------------0~~--|A|--------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------|
F#m DBut when the day is done
F#m DShe cannot tell the truth
F#m DPretend her life's exciting
A DPretend she'll never lose
Chorus (faster tempo):
D G A Asus4 ATalulah Gosh was a present day story
D G A Asus4 ATalulah Gosh was a pop celebrity
D G A Asus4 AYou can lie to everyone
D G A (hold)But please, please don't lie to me
Verse (original tempo):
D* G*Now she is a pop star
D* G*With her own TV show
D* G*Tells them all her stories
D*And hopes they'll never know
F#m DDon't be anybody else
F#m DForget about the rest
F#m DYou'll always be Talulah
A D (speed up to chorus tempo)You'll always be yourself
Chorus x2 End on D.
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